3 Environment Awareness Campaigns to Incorporate in Your Business

Posted on: 29 December 2016

How much do you care for the environment? Ask any business person this question and they're likely to have a plan to show their care for the environment, but could use revision and upgrades.

Businesses must have an active role in protecting/conserving the environment. Not because it's a good strategy for corporate social responsibility, but because many of their day-to-day activities harm the environment in one way or the other.

Commercial entities need to stop the lip service because actions speak louder than words. In this regard, consider rallying your employees to sign up for at least one of the three environmental awareness campaigns discussed below.

The Bush Regeneration Volunteer Program

Eastern Australia is currently listed among 11 places listed as global deforestation fronts by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). By the year 2030, more than 80% of global deforestation is expected to have been carried out in these 11 places. Interestingly, Australia is the only developed country that appears on the list of global deforestation fronts.

The bush regeneration volunteering program is spearheaded by the National Parks and Wildlife Service in NSW. This campaign aims to plant as many new native trees as possible to replace those that have since been lost to acts of deforestation.

Get Up! Action for Australia

Get Up! Action For Australia is a movement spearheaded by and for the average Australian citizen. The movement encourages the participation of citizens in a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing the state of democracy, encouraging environmental sustainability and the protection/advancement of human rights.

At present, the movement has several environmental awareness campaigns. The petition to save the Great Barrier Reef is among these campaigns. The Great Barrier Reef is a world heritage site whose survival is continuously being threatened by rapid industrial developments within the reef area and in its immediate surroundings. Here you will find other environmental awareness campaigns spearheaded by the Get Up movement.

Keep Australia Moving

After the highly-publicized scandal that put vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen in the limelight for cheating its way past vehicle emission lab tests, the Australian Automobile Association took the initiative to test emission levels for various vehicles outside the lab. The results of this test showed that the quantity of toxic emissions produced by vehicles as recorded in test laboratories is far from accurate.

Now the government is being petitioned to stop relying on lab tests and to adopt a real-world emissions testing program for all vehicles that end up on Australian roads.

To learn more about these and other initiatives, contact environmental monitoring companies.