• Demystyfing the Bradley method of bush regeneration

    Bush regeneration is simply the rehabilitation of a bush land that's infected with weeds to a healthier community of indigenous plants and animals. An interesting technique to the rehabilitation of weed-infected bush land is the Bradley method. This article explains the basic principles of the Bradley method and why you should consider using it to control invasive plants in your garden or yard. 3 principles of Bradley method Principle 1: Start working in areas where indigenous plants are thriving and gradually move to the weedy areas
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  • What You Need to Know About Window Air Conditioners

    The best way to enhance the comfort of your home especially in the hot months is to invest in an air conditioning unit. However, the effectiveness of your air conditioners to help you achieve the indoor temperatures you desire only depends on the type of unit you choose. Split system and window air conditioning units are usually the common types you will find. Window units are often affordable and easy to install.
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  • Cooling Tower: Simple Considerations for Fan Shaft Bearing Lubrication

    The cooling tower is designed and manufactured to provide long-term heat rejection services in commercial and industrial setups. However, the device is not everlasting or infallible. If it is neglected throughout the year, it will decline in terms of performance. Moreover, the internal components might degrade significantly, and this will lead to accelerated damage or premature failure. Therefore, you should ensure that proper maintenance is performed. One of the critical servicing maintenance aspects which you should consider for your cooling tower is fan shaft bearing lubrication.
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